How To

Atom - the text editor

With Atom you can open sing-files or whole directories and have it display the files in a tree-structure. You can also add two different folders to the project.

Calibre for e-pub files

In order to view an e-pub file you need an e-pub reader. E-pub readers are available for all types of smartphones and tablets and computers. For a free e-pub reader on Windows, OS X or Linux we recommend Calibre. Please note: Calibre does not delete your old e-pub files. It means that whenever you receive a given e-pub the second time you need to first delete the old one in Calibre before importing the newer one! If you fail to do this you will be thinking you just imported the new one and at the same time asking yourself where your latest changes are :-) Many have been puzzled by this until we tell them!

Encoding of files

The files we share with you can be UTF-8 encoded. If you dont know what that means, but use Atom to edit the files then it will remains UTF-8 since it preserves the encoding. Other editors may change it when you save, which causes a lot of unnecessary work for you and us :-( Possibly you need redo all of your work even, so that is definitely not fun!

Actual Editing

Please be attentive when you edit the original source text in order to avoid introducing errors. We really want to avoid that if possible as we want the Bible student be able to read the given Bible without technical errors.

Save your work

Be sure to save your work regularly - putting the files into a folder with a date stamp on it, i.e 20.08.2018.cebuano.nt.csv, meaning its a copy made the 20th of august 2018 of the New Testament Cebuano edition. At the end of each week please send the latest edits to TruthBeTold Ministry so we can go through them and finalize the texts in case of errors or similar or you should use Dropbox-folder shared with us.

Dropbox Client

We can use Dropbox if you want to. For those who dont know about it. Go register an account at and download their client. Install it on your computer and then give us your dropbox-email at We will then share the folder with you with the Bible that needs be proofread.

Exchanging Files Upwork

If you are not using dropbox, all files will either go directly or through upwork.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us at UpWork or at Telegram Messenger 😃